Securing your infomration is our top priority.

Strong Encryption

We use encryption to secure information using Transport Data Encryption (TDE), protecting data stored in databases. It helps protect data from a malicious party who steals physical media like drives or backup tapes to restore or attach the database and browse its data. TDE encrypts sensitive data in a database and uses a certificate to protect the keys that encrypt the data. This solution prevents anyone without the keys from using the data.

For data in transit, we use Transport Layer Security (TLS). TLS is a computer network security protocol used to secure communications when data moves from the web servers to your local machine and vice versa. Its predecessor was the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, which many will probably be familiar.

We ensure that your information is protected from prying eyes using these two robust encryption methodologies.

Continuous Monitoring

We have worked very hard to ensure your information is secure with us, in addition to writing secure codes that are written and tested to protect data from commonly known vulnerabilities. We test our code before deploying to ensure there are no security holes. We use continuous site monitoring after the code is tested and deployed to the production environment.

We use comprehensive website security monitoring to protect our website from malicious cyber threats. Our 24/7 website security scan instantly checks our website from malware, viruses, and other cyber threats and alerts us to issues. It detects and automatically removes malicious content from your website, creating a safe experience for our customers.

You can rest assured knowing our site is protected 24/7 using SiteLock's leading security monitoring that offers automated malware removal to keep your information protected.


SOC 2 Audit

We understand that information security is one of your key concerns when using an online service. We have worked very hard to maintain high standards when it comes to securing your information. But today's smart businesses don't just go by our words; instead, we need to supplement our security stance with third-party verification.

We have completed the SOC 2 Type I compliance audit and have passed without exception. SOC 2 is an attestation standard put forth by the Auditing Standards Board (ASB) of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). The attestation confirms that our security standards and system are suitably designed to achieve the stated control objectives.